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Frequently Asked Questions about Kahler's
  1. Where can I buy a Kahler system? As of August 1, 2014, all sales thru 3rd party distributors were ceased and since then all Kahler's are sold directly from the Kahler USA factory to you direct. Wammi World handles all the replacement parts, customer installations and technical questions and is the only official parts dept. for Kahler International/ USA.
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  7. Can a Kahler tremolo or fixed bridge retro-fit a 2330 Flyer route? Yes it can. The only difference is the 2 front holes. They are in different locations on the Flyer, The Flyer has them on the sides near the angle and the other flat mounting systems have them in front, but the body will cover them, so you wont see the old holes.
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  20. I don't get the Kahler numbering system. I see names and numbers like 2200, 7300, X-Trem, Hybrid, CAM , Fulcrum...What's up? Please spell it out for me.

    What's a CAM ? If your not sure ...Click here.  The first of 4 numbers in the family hierarchy represent the location of manufacture and manner of distribution. "2" or "3" means it was hand milled through the USA custom shop and is part of the Professional line. Sold only through Kahler International Inc., it is stamped Kahler "Made in USA". "7" is the Kahler USA Hybrid PRO. It is stamped Kahler "USA Hybrid".

The second number represents the type. Stud mounts are "2", Flat mounts are "3" and Bass bridges have a "4".

The third and fourth number can represent metal configurations or number of saddles....

For fixed bass: The third number followed by a 0, represents the number of saddles. For example, a five string fixed bass bridge is 7450. A four string would be 7440 etc. There are 2 CAM /Saddle combinations for the 7 and 8 string guitar models. The third number in those models represent the metal combination Brass/Steel "1" or Brass/Brass "2".

For 6 string guitars starting with "2", the third number in combination with the fourth, represents the CAM /Saddle metal configuration. There are 4 CAM /Roller configurations possible on 6 string handmade guitar tremolos starting with a "2". They are: Steel/Steel "00", Aluminum/Brass "10", Brass/Steel "15", Brass/Brass "20", The fixed guitar bridges (3300 and 7330) use a uni-body with brass rollers "00" & "30". Hybrids and X-Trem have a "00" for end numbers only. They come with wide spec cams and brass rollers.

Generally, The fourth number refers to the number of strings on the trem. "0" for six strings on the guitar, "5" - "6" for five and six string bass models, "7" - "8" for seven and eight string bass and guitar models. There are 2 CAM /Saddle combinations for the 7 and 8 string models, the fourth number dictates the number of strings.

Regarding the Kahler made, Floyd Rose Iic. Fulcrums...

All start with a 2. The "Traditional" line was a 2 followed by a 5. It had 2 versions, a steel roller "00" and a brass roller "20"), hence the 2 models 2500 and 2520. The next was the 2700 series made up of 3 models with no brass or steel choices. The model that is stamped "2700 Series" was the first of the series. It was called the 2710 "Killer". The next was the 2720 "Spyder" followed by the 2760 "Steeler". Some optional saddle choices for the Spyder created a couple of sub-series like the 2722 and the 2750 but these were rare.