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The Kahler® 6 String Tremolos (Flat)

The 6 string Professional Series - 2300, 2310, 2315, 2320 and 7300 flat mounting tremolos were made for made to retrofit any flat guitar body, the flat mounting models are the easiest of the tremolos to install. Not much will have to be done to mount the tremolo except for classic, Kahler "T" route. This bridge type is used when the shallow neck angle keeps the strings low across the body top. Stratocaster's, Squires and Tele's are a good example. Tele's require the PL-9 Tele plate. If needed, you can stack it higher with a PL-1 stacker plate, or cover a surface mounted Floyd Rose or Accutune with the PL-4 adapter plate or a recessed Floyd Rose with a PL-5.

The Profiler, Vindicator, Special and Classic accept up to 2 arms. The Hybrid only accepts a right handed arm. The 2nd arm hole on the other models can be used for the trick J-arm or simply flipped around for a left handed configuration. All models lock into a fixed bridge with the turn of a key!

When it comes to tone styles, Shredd heads usually prefer the "2300 Profiler" while the more moderate players prefer the warmer brass of the"2320 Classic" or the "7300 Hybrid". The "2310 Vindicator" has a unique singing sustain and brighter tone due to the ductile nature of the high grade 6075 aluminum CAM and is currently the only lighter weight alternative (9oz versus 20oz) that works well to brighten darker sounding guitars. The "2315 Special" is wider and darker sounding than the Profiler and works well to darken bright sounding guitars.

As you get older, your musical tastes will inevitably change over the years. No worries... Kahlers were designed for easy tonal transformations. Like the Mattel Transformers, you can simply swap rollers out on your Kahler as needed using a set of Brass, Teflon or Steel rollers.