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Manuals, Instructions, Advertisements and Info - 1979 thru 2004.
Kahler installation instructions (1980's version) for 6 string stud mount models
Kahler adjustments for 6 string flat mounting and stud mounting models
Kahler bass tremolo installation instructions
Kahler FLYER installation instructions
Kahler FLYER setup instructions
Kahler installation and setup - 2500/2520 "Traditional" or "Pro" tremolo
Kahler installation instructions - 2700 Series (2710 Killer) tremolo  
Kahler adjustments and setup  - 2720 "Spyder" fulcrum model tremolo
Kahler fulcrum tremolos advertisement - 2710 Killer, 2720 Spyder and 2760 Steeler 
Kahler Locknut installation instructions
Kahler Auto Latch Setup and instructions
Kahler CAM bearing replacement instructions
Kahler Price List - 1989  
Kahler Catalog - 1989 
Kahler Human Clock 
Kahler 1980's Warranty Card (blank)
Fender Contemporary System I, II, III
Manuals, Instructions, Advertisements and Info - 2005 to Present
Kahler 2200, 2210, 2215, 2220 install.pdf
Kahler 2217, 2218, 2227, 2228 install.pdf
Kahler 2300, 2310, 2315, 2320 install.pdf
Kahler 2317, 2318, 2327, 2328 install.pdf
Kahler 2400-W4, 2405F-N5 install.pdf
Kahler 2410R-W4, 2410R-N5 install.pdf
Kahler 2415R-XW6, 2415R-W6, 2416R-N7 install.pdf
Kahler 2418R-XW6, 2418R-W7, 2418R-N8 install.pdf
Kahler 2440-W4, 2440-N5 install.pdf
Kahler 2450-W5, 2450-N6 install.pdf
Kahler 2470-W7, 2470-N8 install.pdf
Kahler 3300 install.pdf