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Fender System 1 Tremolo

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The Fender System I Tremolos that are found on the 1985-86-87 "Made in Japan" Fender Contemporary and HM Statocasters and Squire models as well as some same year HM Fender Telecasters.

The System I was made by Schaller (not Kahler) during that glitzy excessive, whammy bar and big hair era called the 1980's. It was a very versatile tremolo system for its day. Featuring a snap in arm and fine tuners, it found its way on many mid 80's Fender guitars that were manufactured in Japan during that time. When CBS sold Fender to its current owners in 1984 minus the Fullerton California plant, there was a transitional period from 1985 to 1987 where a new factory was built in Corona, California. During that time, parts and bodies were shipped to Japan for assembly. USA while was limited for 3 years. Finally Fender started to realize in the late 80's that these guitars and basses were the same if not better than the US guitars and basses made in California, so they were discontinued and manufacturing stopped all together in the very early 90's.

Remember back in the 80's when it was said we we losing the edge to Japanese manufacturing and they were doing things better than we were? Well it was true to some extent. These guitars really do play better and sweeter and are just as good if not better than the USA models of the same era. Quickly becoming collectable, they are an investment to hold on to.

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