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It just snapped!

It's truly a sickening feeling, I know. I recently had this happen to my very first Kahlered guitar.. a 1984 Ibanez RR150 Flying V. After adding heavier strings I tried to readjust the truss rod and.... snap,...the truss rod nut broke off. There was no meat left to re-attach the nut. In desperation I dropped $250 on this Truss rod repair kit from Stew Mac. After it arrived, I had it fixed within a half an hour. Now I want to help others who don't want to shell out that much cash for a one time fix. If you have a broken truss rod, I can repair it for you by using this rescue kit. I have done several of these truss rod repairs successfully so far since that time. I have a fast turnaround time. I usually do the repair the same day and its shipped back the next.

Here is what i can do for you... Send the neck to me without any tuners or hardware..just the wood and the broken bullet if you still have it. I will do my best to rescue the broken truss rod and re-attach a new truss rod bullet if I have one. If I achieve success, you can send me a $75 payment and the return shipping cost which is about $20 using a Priority Mail triangular tube. Paypal preferred. If It is not fixable, then you owe me nothing, just send me the return shipping if you want the neck back.

International repairs welcome!

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