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Kahler® 2230 Gibson "Vibrolux" - "Super Tune" Tremolo.

Designed to fit on early Gibson's, this trem was sported on many factory LP's, SG's and Explorers during the 80's. Basically a TOM mounted Flyer, all 2230 Gibson stamped models come with an arm, mounting studs, riser wheels and a routing template. Does not include the inserts for the studs or riser wheels as they are already in the guitar body. Some knobs and arms may be different than your model. There were several configurations. This was the upgraded version with the added arm clutch, knurled fine tuners and the "Flyer" logo. After you add it to the cart, an option page will be available. You can download a routing or sizing template here These are slightly blemished with specks. It seems some light spray corrosive may have landed on the surface at one time at the factory. The specks are tiny but numerous. They are not noticeable from 3 feet so they are very tiny. There are approximatly 20 units like this. Was $329.00 You save $130.00

PN# 2230C
$ each.

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