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The Kahler® 7300 Guitar Tremolo (FLAT)

Made to retrofit any flat guitar body, the 7300 is the easiest tremolo to install ever in the world! The 7300 is best for guitars that require a lower profile bridge because of shallow or non existent neck angles. Stratocaster's, Squires and Tele's are a great example. It comes stock with brass rollers for that popular fat clean tone, however once installed, you can change the tone as needed using a set of Teflon or Steel rollers. Read more about the tones available. Routing is required. You can download a routing or sizing template here. See the specifications of this bridge.

Need the Tune-o-Matic (TOM) mounting version?

The 7300 Brass Hybrid is made for flat guitar bodies. Also guitars that require a lower profile bridge because of shallow or non existent neck angles. Fender Stratocaster, Squire and Tele necks are a good example and fit. Caution: Do not try to use any of the 73xx models for a Tune-O-Matic guitar even if it’s a flat body top because the saddles wont reach the needed height. Always use a 7200 if you have a TOM.

Tone info: The 7300 Hybrid is equivalent to the current handmade Pro model with brass saddles, The tone is warm and inviting with plenty of fat and vintage undertones. Best for rock country and blues style playing. It has a somewhat happy tone, not too piercing to the ear. Mainly for those players with a happy outlook on life!

Routing required: 1” deep surface routing under bridge. Not a thru body route!

Items included: All wrenches, mounting hardware, tremolo arm if necessary, booklets and Kahler apparel. You should use a #7513 string lock if you do not have locking tuners or a Teflon nut installed. Stringlocks are available in the Wammi World ebay store

. Installation guidelines, templates and FAQ's are available online at Wammi World.

Other “same fit” models: Try the Steel 7315 "Reaper" for harmonic hungry shredding, or the new Teflon 7316 "Soloist" model for extreme sustain and great mix cutting mids. Also you can use the new 7320, 7325 and 7326 "Baritone" models if you want to work with heavy gauge strings or do various drop tunings. This will also replace the 2330 "Flyer“.

Warranty: This model is sold through the Kahler Parts department "Wammi World" and includes a five year extended Kahler warranty against breakage! This warranty goes beyond the standard one year Kahler warranty from other retail sellers and is exclusive only through Kahler parts department at Wammi World.